Social Media Marketing Packages

Social media marketing is the practice of using social media apps to advertise the products or services. Marketing and advertising agencies might offer social media marketing plans which include content creation and managing. If you’re a marketing professional or advertising manager, gaining knowledge about the process of creating an effective social media marketing plan could be helpful.

In the following article we will explain what a marketing package is and how you can develop social media marketing programs for your customers.

What is an effective social media marketing plan?

A social media bundle is a selection of services and products that you can provide to customers to advertise their content. Packages for social media typically consist of the development and management of a variety of profiles on social networks. They may also include other tools like Content calendars and templates that companies can utilize to enhance their social marketing. Based on the type of business you run you could offer different types of packages, ranging from basic or basic to more comprehensive ones.

What are the reasons to offer social media services?

If you are a marketing company or freelancer providing the social media services for your clients could be profitable. Potential customers may be more likely to utilize your service if it incorporates traditional and modern marketing solutions. Social media marketing packages be a sign that you’re committed to staying current with technological advancements and to learning about most recent marketing methods.

Packages allow customers to modify their services in accordance with their specific requirements. These packages are generally suited for different budgets, priorities and plans. For instance, a company with a significant budget may require a wide range of social media platforms, whereas small businesses may need help in maximizing its presence on the apps that it is most reliant on.

How do you create an effective social media marketing plan

There are a few steps you can take to create your own social media marketing program:

1. Find out what services you could provide

Examine the kinds of content you’ve created such as videos, graphics texts, captions and text posts. Social media marketing programs may also offer more advanced specific services, like the search engine optimized (SEO) as well as strategic consulting, influencer partnerships as well as community management. You might also consider including reports and platform audits to your package, so customers are informed of how their content is performing.

2. Choose the various levels to provide

The next step in creating an effective social media marketing plan is to determine the level you’d like to offer. It’s crucial to provide different levels as it will allow you reach different clients and their budgets for marketing. For instance, you could have a basic package, a moderately priced package and a more advanced option available to customers.

It could be best to provide minimum three different levels in your services, however, you could always design more specific packages to cater to different customers. For instance, you could develop a plan in which you only provide content to customers who wish to manage their personal accounts. Additionally, you can offer additional services that allow clients to fully modify the content they get.

3. Take into consideration content, profiles, and reports.

The factors to be considered when designing your packages include profiles, content, and reports. The majority of social media marketing packages contain at least two profiles. Therefore, the initial package might contain this feature. A mid-sized package could include five profiles while an advanced version has nine profiles. A more advanced profile that has nine profiles is likely to cover every social media platform clients may wish their brand or product to be featured on.

You may also think about content in relation to the amount of posts you write for each profile in a week. Reporting, or telling the customer the results of their marketing campaigns is also a factor that you should consider when designing packages. For instance, you can offer a report every month in the basic package, two monthly in the middle-sized packages, and daily reports with the more advanced package.

4. Add marketing package components to your marketing plan.

After defining your levels for your package and determining what elements that you want to incorporate into them, you are able to create customized marketing packages that include additions. These are a smaller set of items or services that customers can include in packages to make they can meet their specific needs. For example, you can include additional consultation sessions as well as competitor analysis, additional information, introductions to new platform, management of engagement, and the management of social events for one time.

You could also provide the reports on performance metrics that detail the level of engagement. This lets customers review the strategies that are working with their customers and evaluate the return-on-investment (ROI) to guide future marketing choices.

5. Set guidelines and boundaries for your package.

It is important to establish guidelines and limits for customers so that they know what to be expecting from customer assistance and resources. For instance, you could tell customers that your staff is available to talk with customers during office hours. It is also possible to include additional access to your advanced packages when you have the capacity to provide it. In terms of boundaries and guidelines it’s also beneficial to specify the content you’re going to create and the number of edits you’re willing to make prior to submitting the content.

6. Pricing your packages competitively

After you have defined your limits of packages, add-ons and limits and packages, you will be able to determine what price to set. In order to do this, think about the pricing of your competitors and services and the amount of effort and time each level will take from your sales and marketing staff. It’s crucial to set your prices sufficient to create an income for the company however, they should be priced low enough to draw new customers. Offer discounts on a temporary basis for customers who move to other companies to increase your customer base. You can also collect reviews.

Tips for successful marketing on social media

Here are some strategies to use social media marketing to its fullest potential:

Create specific goals for your marketing to determine the direction of your social media marketing campaigns. This could include the number of clicks, purchases or impressions dependent on whether your aim is to increase profit immediately or if you want to maximize getting the brand’s name noticed. Choose metrics for social media that reflect your goals. This will also help you assess your progress and present your progress to your clients.

Select the right platforms for your client

Based on the company you’re promoting, certain platforms could be better than others. It’s vital that you’re proficient making use of all the important social media sites. For instance, a photo-centric social media platform could work better for a photography business than a text-oriented platform. You should consider offering different plans for different platforms, so that customers can pick a plan that works for their needs.

Create a specific content calendar

Content calendars can help you plan your posts and make it easier to coordinate various platforms. They also assist team members work together on photos and text It’s essential to create a calendar to publish your content.

Posting during busy time

Understanding the best timing to publish on each platform will aid in promoting your clients’ content at a time that will get the maximum visibility for the brand. Discover the most frequently used times of the day on each platform, and schedule your posts according to these times. You can utilize a program to plan your posts prior to time and ensure that you are posting at the most optimal times.

A few examples of such marketing programs

Here are a few examples of the various packages that you could offer to your customers, in addition to the management of social media offered in each of them:

Basic Package

If you’re interested in establishing your own page, our company can create an optimized profile on the social media platform that you choose. We produce 20 posts a month, including one video every week and unique graphics every day. This plan is intended for businesses who want control their own accounts.


One social network.

One strategy session

Page creation

Content creation (20 posts per month)

One video per week

Daily graphic

Page optimization

Calendar of content

Price: $150

Advanced Package

The Advanced Package caters to organizations who want to expand their reach by utilizing two social media platforms. It includes more posts and also includes the influencer market, management of accounts, and monthly planning sessions.


Two social networks.

Monthly strategy sessions

Page creation

Content creation (50 posts per month)

Three videos per week

Daily graphic

Page optimization

Calendar of content

Posting and scheduling

Partnerships between Influencers

Weekly reports

Monthly platform audits

Price: $350

Premium Package

The Premium Package can maximize your engagement through optimized accounts on six platforms including short-form and long-form video platforms. Our team develops content that is targeted offers community management and provides regular reports to ensure you are always aware of what your content is doing.


Six social networks

Bi-monthly sessions on strategy

Page creation

Content creation (120 posts per month)

Eight videos per week

Daily graphic

Page optimization

Calendar of content

Posting and scheduling

Influencer-led partnerships

Daily reports

Weekly platform audits

Posts with boosted posts

Creation and execution of ad campaigns

Price: $600

Add-On Services

Include any of the following services to in order to design a solution that is tailored to your specific requirements:

Social event management and creation Event creation and management: $150

Additional Strategy Consulting Session Cost: $100

Influencer contract negotiation: $100

Social media style guide: $250

Social media audit: $125

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