Why SMS A/B testing is a must

The audience can surprise you. Even though we’d like to nail our marketing from the start, it isn’t always the case. You won’t know unless you test. A certain call to action, send time, or length might perform better than the others. This is why A/B tests are important.

A/B testing is a crucial marketing strategy, as it allows you to differentiate between effective messages and those that are not. You can test different marketing strategies by experimenting with SMS promotions. This CRO tool can be used to direct messages to segments or lists that are more important. This tool is simple to use, reduces costs, and maximizes revenue.

What is SMS, first of all?

SMS is short for Short Message Service. One hundred sixty characters is the maximum character limit of an SMS. Consumers prefer SMS marketing messages over email, according to studies. Spam texts are sent to consumers less often than spam emails. SMS texts also have a lower spam rate. SMS open rates are also higher than those of emails. In light of these facts, marketers can make the most out of their SMS strategy if they determine what types of messages best suit their customers.

Why is A/B Testing Important?

A/B testing is a powerful tool for marketers who want to see a positive result from their SMS campaigns. You can easily identify what type of marketing materials and messages your target audience responds best to with A/B tests, which will benefit your marketing campaign in the future.

You can optimize your conversion rate by determining how you position yourself within your text campaign. This will also help to drive traffic to the website of your business. The benefits of A/B tests are limitless. A/B testing can lower unsubscribes, increase click-through and open rates, and give you data about user behavior.

What can you test out?

There are several ways to determine what type of message resonates best with your audience when you conduct an A/B testing idea for your SMS campaign.

You can determine if your text performs best in the afternoon, morning, or evening by running A/B tests.

Tests of long and short messages provide statistical significance on the length that your audience prefers. Find out if your audience likes short, snappy messages or longer, customized ones.

Another important factor is tone. Test whether your audience will respond better to a text written casually or formally.

A/B tests are also a great way to test different CTAs. Use a different CTA in your text messages and see which version gets your subscribers to perform the desired action.

You can also optimize your messaging by testing whether emojis increase conversions.

A/B testing is also a great way to test messaging that contains an offer. Test the type of promotion you’re offering, as well as how the message is worded.

What is our favorite platform to use?

Attentive has become our preferred text messaging platform. Focused allows the most innovative brands to create meaningful interactions with personalized text messages. Its detailed reporting enables us to optimize our marketing strategy and make smarter messaging decisions.

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