What is a Digital Marketing Strategy? How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing plan is part of an overall business plan which outlines the digital channels that can be used to achieve business goals.

A successful digital strategy is an essential part of any successful business.

It is essential to have a plan, but it is equally as important to execute it.

Where’s the best way to create and optimize your strategy in a digital world that is constantly changing?

Learn how to develop a successful strategy for digital marketing.

What is a digital marketing strategy

Digital must be a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

Many of these touchpoints, which will take an average of 12 touchpoints for a customer from awareness to purchase, are digital.

There is no one definition for a digital strategy, but it can be summed up as follows:

A digital marketing plan is part of an overall business plan which outlines the digital channels that can be used to achieve business goals.

A digital marketing plan must be tailored to specific key performance indicators for the company (. The following are the core elements that make up a successful marketing strategy:

Digital channels

Audience and region.

The core messaging components


A digital strategy identifies specific channels to target the company’s ideal customers and guide them toward conversion.

The following channels are available:

Search engines

Social media platforms.




The digital marketing strategy does not end with identifying channels. Second, the message must be consistent and relevant to your target audience.

How brands interact with customers and talk specifically to them will and should vary depending on the platform.

Digital Strategy Vs. Digital Strategy Vs.

Most brands confuse tactics and strategies and end up mixing them.

Although both are essential marketing plan elements, strategy, and tactic have different meanings and serve other functions.

As mentioned above, a strategy is part of an overall business plan that helps brands achieve their overarching goals.

In contrast, tactics are actions taken to reach a larger marketing strategy.

What are the main differences between digital strategies and tactics


Focus on long-term goals. Concentrate on short-term goals

A part of a larger business plan Objectives can be measured

Channel-oriented Campaign-oriented

Audience-oriented Action-oriented

It provides a road map for tactics

Paid media marketing is one example of digital strategy. Paid-media marketing tactics could include

Search ads paid on Google and Microsoft

Test the Google Display Network for Audiences

Test landing pages or creatives of ads to optimize conversion rates.

To summarize: Tactics do not equal strategies. The strategies are then used to determine which tactics will be employed.

Digital Strategy Examples

Digital marketing strategies and tactics may be similar across brands, but each looks unique. There is no “one-size fits all” approach.

Here are some of the most common digital marketing tactics brands use worldwide.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Content marketing is a way to reach out to your audience.


Email marketing.

Social Media Marketing

PPC Advertising

PPC Marketing is an online marketing method where brands are paid each time someone clicks their ad and is directed to a company’s website. PPC campaigns typically run on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

Various campaign types are available within these two PPC platforms, depending on what the advertiser wants to achieve. These include:

Search Ads

Display Ads

Shopping Ads

YouTube Ads

App ads.

Find out more about ads.

Performance Max.

  • More.

PPC ads are hyper-targeted at specific audiences or can be targeted at the masses, depending on what the brand wants to achieve. PPC ads increase a brand’s traffic, sales, and conversions.

Below is an example of a PPC Google search ad.

You can also find out more about SEO by clicking here

SEO strategies involve optimizing a brand’s website or app to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).

The optimization of a brand’s website and its content can help improve organic (nonpaid) search visibility. This will ultimately drive more traffic to their website.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. While there are no direct costs, like PPC advertising, it involves indirect costs.

Time and Fees for Employees or Agencies

Costs of third-party technology or platforms.

A strong SEO strategy can reduce the need for PPC advertising, making the budget more effective.

Below is an example of Google SERP organic listings.

Google search results for “PPC software,” March 2023

Content Marketing

If you like, this is more of a “behind the scenes” strategy. This includes sharing unique, valuable content with the target audience.

Different types of digital content are created as part of a content marketing strategy.

If a brand wishes to create video content for TikTok, it must be short videos (maximum three minutes).

If a brand wants to boost its authority, it may create a strategy that includes a blog and long-form articles. These can be posted on their website.

Content marketing is a way to build trust and loyalty with your target audience and convert them into repeat customers.

Below is an example of content marketing using the same PPC example. Skai, formerly Kenshoo, curates blog articles for its readers to increase engagement.


If a brand sells physical products, an ecommerce strategy should be a vital part of a business’s goals.

When a consumer purchases products online, a storefront is created.

A few tactics that can be used in an ecommerce plan include:

Create an online storefront for brands to sell directly to consumers.

Sell physical products online on marketplaces like Amazon.

Affiliate sales programs are designed to reward others for promoting the brand’s products.

Google Shopping Ads and Microsoft Shopping Ads to Drive Sales

Influencer marketing and brand ambassadors

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