What can we expect, and how should we prepare for the digital marketing trends of 2024

Our agency, WGG, tells you in this article about the marketing trends for 2024. Digital advertising will continue to change in 2024.

The trends in targeted marketing will continue to change next year, especially with the rapid development of technology and widespread Internet usage. If you are prepared for these changes, you will be able to stay ahead of your competition. Here are the top targeted advertising trends for 2024.

Contextual advertising is becoming more important.

Contextual advertising appears on web pages that are related to your product or service. By 2024, contextual marketing is expected to be even more valuable to marketers. Users are more likely than others to respond positively to contextual advertising. They will also click on ads that relate directly to their interests.

Use of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

In targeted advertising, artificial Intelligence and machine learning are becoming increasingly important. By 2024, companies will use machine learning algorithms to analyze customer behavior to determine the best targeting strategies. Artificial Intelligence will also be used to optimize ad campaigns and create more accurate forecasts of consumer demand.

Midjourney, a neural net that creates images from a short text prompt, is already being used by our agency. It has recently become very popular, and many professionals use it in their workflow. Midjourney was used to create specific content for a seafood shop. This diversified content increased engagement and conversion rates.

Social Media Advertising: Its Growth

In 2024, social media will remain a key channel for targeting advertising. To achieve success, however, marketers need to adapt to the ever-changing algorithms of social platforms. Social media ads will be more personalized and interactive in 2024. There will also be more opportunities to promote products and services on social media. This includes in-platform shopping and online consultations.

The Role of Video Advertising

In 2024, video advertising will grow and become more important in targeting advertising. Video ads are more effective than other types of advertising, such as text or banner ads. Social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are also promoting the use of video ads. Instagram is used by 70% of customers to plan their next purchases. It’s, therefore, important to create high-quality content for your account to set yourself apart from the competition. Create Trending Reels to attract new customers. Short videos have changed Instagram marketing. Statistics show that TikTok was downloaded over 3 billion times within less than four years. According to experts, the audience for TikTok will reach 1.8 billion users by 2023. It is, therefore, worth paying attention to as this platform is growing so rapidly.

Increase conversions as a priority.

In 2024, conversions will remain the main indicator of advertising effectiveness. To achieve high conversions, however, marketers will have to pay more attention to improving user experiences on their social media pages and websites. Many companies will put more effort into creating intuitive, user-friendly websites that are more appealing to users in 2024.

Automating and optimizing Ad Campaigns

In 2024, automation and optimization will be more important than ever. Automation allows marketers to focus on strategic aspects of advertising and reduce costs associated with managing campaigns. Campaign optimization can also improve conversions and lower the cost per click. In 2024, campaign optimization and automation will be performed by marketers using increasingly sophisticated tools, including artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Results of a survey among marketers, “What processes do you automate?” WGG’s survey.

Data Privacy

Marketers will have to pay more attention to the use of data in targeted advertising as data privacy and legislative standards are becoming increasingly important. In 2024, it will be increasingly important to protect user privacy and use anonymous data.

Apple released iOS 14.5, a new update, a couple of years back. Apple banned direct access by all App Store applications to IDFAs (advertising identification numbers). Users were able to choose for themselves if they wanted their data to be used for advertising purposes or not.

Apple has thus broken the current system of advertising traffic. Apple’s radical change has turned advertising on its head. This identifier is not used by many users, which increases the cost to attract customers.

Android will probably see a similar trend. But this is the new reality we must accept and find new ways to market.

New Advertising Channels

In 2024, new advertising channels, including voice assistants and virtual reality, as well as social platforms, will be introduced. To stay competitive, marketers need to adapt to changing environments and keep an eye out for the development of new channels.

TikTok is the default search engine for those under 21 years old. Google can’t forget the younger generation and has planned a partnership with TikTok.

Business Insider reported in its report that TikTok is planning a new global partnership based upon the integration of Google search queries and TikTok searches.

The connection between TikTok & Google may be able to give marketers an effective new promotion tool. The type of interaction will determine whether or not it is possible to integrate these search queries organically and for a charge.

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