Online quizzes: The Next Big Money Maker in Marketing

If you are familiar with internet marketing, you may be familiar with “Be Human” and “Date Before You Marry Concept.” If not, the idea is we live in a time where brands can build personal relationships by engaging in positive human interactions.

The importance of connecting with existing and potential clients is greater than ever. This can be done by providing them with important and relevant information. It’s absurd to see current digital marketing techniques being used on Facebook.

Internet marketers are often so focused on making direct sales that they forget about the mindset of their users. Surprise! Surprise!

If a brand is able to build trust by providing content and experiences that evoke emotion or content and experiences that are valuable, they will have a foot in the front door. They can then ask for a $1000 course.

Analogy of the Date Before Marrying

You will often hear that the best analogy to use when building relationships on the internet is “date before marriage.” It’s a bit lame, I know, but it works.

You would say no if a stranger asked you to marry them on the street.

If that stranger asks you out on several dates and you have been dating for some time, they have a better chance of success with that proposal.

We are all doing the same thing in our digital marketing efforts. When we promote “Cold Traffic” (users who have never visited the website of a brand), we want something engaging, not just sales.

The handshake is the perfect example. Quizzes are the perfect handshake.

Quizzes to introduce a brand

I admit it; I do not take online quizzes. They’re not something I naturally gravitate to. It’s no surprise to me that clients are reluctant to take the quiz when we suggest it.

They work.

Why? They’re also engaging. A “cold user” will always be more open to taking a quiz than buying a product from a brand that they have never heard of. Facebook’s algorithm rewards you with lower clicks when more people interact with your ad.

Here are some ranges for estimated ad costs on the Facebook Channel.

  • Cold Traffic to Products: $.85 – $1.75
  • Cold Traffic for Blog Posts: $0.15 to $1.25
  • Cold Traffic Quizzes : $.05 to $.30

We can get up to 3x more traffic from a cold blog post by using quizzes. We’ve also seen that we can drive up to 17x more traffic from cold traffic than a product page.

Facebook is a place for fun, not shopping. You’re unlikely to get a customer to buy a product on the first touch. Why not take advantage of that first interaction to create positive brand affinity with interactive quizzes and, in turn, drive more users? This is possible with examinations, which are the perfect way to introduce a brand or “handshake.”

Segmentation: The Hidden Value of Quizzes

Let’s look at some of these “innocent” but still interesting quiz questions.

It’s all good. It is not solely for a soccer store to ask people who are interested in soccer their favorite player.

Be patient.

QZZR provides us with access to data:

What can we do to make this data useful?

  1. Take Export and Remove Duplicates from All Emails
  2. Sort by Preferred Outcome

In the example below, we sort the emails by “Neymar.”

Look what I am going to do:

Download the list of Neymar quiz respondents

Advertisers can attach the audience to their ad sets

Offer relevant creatives and ads

These quiz questions give us a great deal of insight into the interests of users. We can then craft ads and offer copy accordingly.

Check out the results of this campaign:

  • Amount Spent: $572.19
  • Revenue generated: $10,943.56
  • Cost per Acquisition: $9.54

Quizzes are useful in all industries, even though the return on investment is high. In that they collect very valuable data from users, quizzes are very similar to surveys. It also drives cheap clicks on the first touch.

Quiz Gating – Should I be doing this?

Have you taken a quiz expecting to see your results only to find out that the examination says we will email them to you?

It can be not very pleasant. I know I have been annoyed by it on the few times I’ve taken online quizzes. Users think, “Well, I don’t really care about my results to the point that I’d give up my email.” There is nothing valuable in exchange for the email other than the answers to the quiz.


In exchange for an email sent at the end, we’ve found a strong offer that is aligned with our brand that works better to increase conversion rates and encourage users to make future purchases.

Balancing budgets with driving quizzes to cold traffic and retargeting offers

Quizzes are great for introducing brands because:

  • Cheaper Traffic
  • List Segmentation

How should you budget for this? What should retargeting look like, and how should it be done? This is a quick breakdown of the most effective methods we’ve discovered:

1. Make sure you scale to 100 %):

  • Cold Traffic Quiz 65%-70%
  • Warm Traffic from Quiz-Takers Offer 35% to 30%
  • Budget Example: $5,000
  • Cold traffic: $5000 *.65 = 3250/30 (days in a calendar month) > 108.3 dollars per day budget for cold traffic
  • Quiz takers Warm Traffic: $5000 *.35 = $1750/30 (Days per month) > 58.3 dollars budgeted each day for warm traffic
  • 2. E-Commerce Budgets: % breakdown (Ensure they scale to 100 %)
  • Cold Traffic: 55-60%
  • Warm Traffic: 25- 30%
  • Hot Traffic: 20% to 10%
  • Example: $5000 budget
  • Cold traffic: $5000 *.55 = 2750/30 (days in a calendar month) > 91.7 dollars per day budget for cold traffic
  • Quiz takers Warm Traffic: $5000 *.25 = $1250 / 30 Days in a Month – > 41.7 Dollars a Day Budget for warm traffic
  • Hot traffic:$5000x.20 = $1000/30 (Days of a Month) -> 33.3 dollars per day budget for hot traffic

Start with several ad sets and test their effectiveness. You should, from a daily perspective, increase your bids for the top-performing ad set and decrease them for the lower-performing ad set.

How often should I refresh my quizzes?

This question is not a one-size-fits-all answer. Situational. It’s about balancing frequency with performance.

How does your quiz do? Does it drive cheap traffic? Are you collecting many emails? Does remarketing from the quiz result in efficient conversions?

It’s time to change quizzes if performance isn’t good. You might want to choose a subject that will engage your audience more. If you have the budget, it is smart to test different quizzes. The results can be very different. Do not assume that one examination will give you the best results.

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