How to manage a website build project

With a little extra attention and care in the planning of the project, anyone can manage a custom website build. Our digital agency established a number of key areas in which the project manager can make a successful website build with the right project plan. Learn how to manage a web build from the website design perspective.

Discovery and Kickoff

How do you start a project after selling a large website? Project managers will need to focus on the kickoff and the discovery phase to ensure the success of the web design project. The project will be plagued with guesswork, fall short of client expectations, and have to catch up. The project manager must ensure that the requirements-gathering process is not only smooth but organized so the team can stay on track with the project’s schedule and tasks.

How to manage projects successfully

Welcome Email and Pre-Kickoff

Goal: Completing the questionnaire will give you enough information to customize the Q&A and start a conversation around your company at the kickoff.

Send your client an online survey to gather basic information about the design brief. Who is the primary point of contact? Who are the other stakeholders? What materials are available that should be used to promote their brand? Who are their main competitors? This is a good level to avoid overwhelming your clients with 30-minute questionnaires before you have even spoken to them.

First, have an internal kickoff to allow everyone to ask any questions they may need regarding the project plan.

The Kickoff Meeting

Goal: Get the client to state a high-level plan for the project and give them a feel of the brand. Encourage the client to talk about the product/service and the brand.

Make them talk about their business in their own words and get them to think about it in a new way.

Deep diving discovery call

Determine the decision makers and influencers on the consumer’s side. You will be putting yourself in the shoes and personas of their primary audience.

Client Communications

What time do you speak to your clients?

Do you only ask for something when they need it? Do you only contact them when something is due? You should make sure that they hear from your web project manager at least once per week, no matter what the deliverables are or if they have responded.

How frequently do you hear from your clients?

You are not managing the project if you only communicate with them when they contact you. Every Monday, send your clients an email to let them know what the team is up to and what they can expect from them. Maintain a high level of client collaboration and participation to make sure they feel heard.

Leaning into your expertise

As a project manager, you are an expert on the product that is being delivered. The client may be the industry expert. When you speak with clients, use your expertise and be able to support it. Your UX designers can present their designs to ensure that all information is coming directly from the experts. Your developers should be involved in meetings about development functionality and client-facing to help establish the credibility of your company as an expert in its field.

How to Get Through Development

The finality of launching a website once the staging site has been completed can cause delays. Use Bugherd to communicate with your clients about the new website changes and make this process easier.

Set up a 15-minute daily stand-up to discuss your client’s priorities for the day. You may not be aware of the number of internal stakeholders that your POC has to deal with. By discussing their top priorities daily, you can reduce stress. You can speed up the process by having your developer also join.

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