Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm Change: Stay Relevant

January 2015

Facebook’s algorithm was updated yet again in January. This update will require businesses to adjust their strategies in order to keep up with the changes. Facebook pages still offer a lot of value for brands. With the new Facebook algorithm, the biggest challenge is to get the brand’s content to show up in the newsfeed. Facebook has decided, based on a survey of its users, to give more importance to text status updates by companies. Many people viewed organic posts from pages as being too promotional and cluttering their newsfeeds. Facebook’s new newsfeed will monitor volume and content control for promotional posts in order to give users more of what they like.

It may appear to be a major obstacle, but a page that is a cornerstone of a brand’s online persona can easily overcome Facebook’s new algorithm. A brand that uses a page to build its online persona will usually have a more successful page. Facebook users enjoy high-quality posts in their newsfeeds and do not see them as advertisements cluttering up their timelines. When users discover your brand’s website, the words you use are crucial to the discovery and communication. Do not use Facebook to publish! Create an image of your brand and create a post that reflects the interests of its target audience.

BAD Content Ideas

  • Promotional posts and encourage the audience to make a sale
  • Placements that reuse content already used in ads
  • Facebook posts that encourage viewers to enter promotion without a valid reason
  • Posts that contain the link within the text status update themselves

GOOD Content Ideas

  • Facebook’s algorithm now favors posts with “link share” that include all the link metadata.
  • Posts with a predetermined reach
  • Create an email list to help you build relationships with your fans outside of Facebook. They can also subscribe to a newsletter.
  • Posts that encourage fan participation in the Facebook newsfeed
  • Facebook prefers videos hosted on YouTube and Instagram that are posted using the new Facebook Video Player.
  • Share any post to other social media platforms and see which ones get the most engagement. Then, please share it on Facebook.
  • Post user-friendly, popular content and keep track of trending issues.
  • You can achieve your business goals by using Facebook ads. Book ads to maintain the same level of engagement as organic distribution decreases. Facebook will penalize your account if you repost an old ad.
  • Encourage your team members to interact with brand content via Facebook.

Social media will always be popular. Facebook began as a social network for people to keep in touch with their friends and families. There have been growing pains in the way users react to publishers after the introduction of promotional pages.

Organic distribution is declining, so you need to create ads in order to maintain the same level of engagement. Post interesting content to increase organic reach. Users enjoy reading interesting content.

Facebook’s new newsfeed is a challenge for marketers. Your brand will benefit from social media if you have the right knowledge and tactics. Social media can help you extend your brand’s personality and create deeper relationships with customers.

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