Easy Guide for Facebook Video Ads For Any Business

Video content is becoming more prevalent on social media platforms. Facebook used to be where people uploaded their photos to albums so they could stay organized and share the things they were up to. But with the rise of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other video-based platforms, Facebook users have become more accustomed to scrolling endless videos that make them laugh, cry, or keep informed. This change in user behavior makes it more important than ever that you create engaging content.

Best practices for Facebook video ads

Use these Facebook video advertising tips for the best ROI on your Facebook ads.

Create videos with any aspect ratio.

You may have used Meta Ads before and are aware of the many different places your ads can appear on the network. You only need three different aspect ratios to cover all of these placements.

If you have videos in these ratios, you can show them in any placement you choose.

You can choose different video files for each aspect ratio. We will discuss this later. Facebook will automatically size the creative to fit each spot, ensuring you get the best-looking ads.

While it may not seem important to have three different ratios for your ads, it is actually one of the simplest things to do to make them look great and stand out. You can see in the above image how an ad would look in vertical and horizontal placements if it were only a square. These ads are not necessarily bad, but they don’t have that professional, high-quality look to which users have grown accustomed in recent years.

Prepare yourself for the wide range of sound options

You’ve probably visited Facebook or Instagram in a variety of situations. You can listen to your favorite music while lying on your couch or even in bed. You may have headphones on while in public, or you might be one of the crazy people who turn up their sound in the subway. You probably haven’t had the sound on in some of those instances.

You were likely to be exposed to ads in each case, and the volume level you used had a direct impact on whether or not you found them appealing. It is important to design your ads so that they are digestible no matter what the user’s volume level.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when creating Facebook video ads:

  • Do you have an engaging/entertaining voiceover?
  • Can you choose music to match the mood of an ad or commercial?
  • Are there subtitles available for the voiceover if someone’s audio is not working?
  • Does the voiceover sound clear and easy to understand, even in a noisy environment?

Your main message in just 3 seconds

It doesn’t matter why someone visits social media. They weren’t there to see your ads. I’m confident that the vast majority of users on Facebook and Instagram are not there to view the products or services you’re offering.

Users can skip ads on Facebook or Instagram in a similar way to ads that appear on YouTube. It is the only way to skip ads. These are rare. You need to ensure that you make a strong impact within the first few seconds before the rest of the ad is sprung. You can keep their attention longer if you create a strong hook within that time frame. Some people even go up to 30 seconds. Your views are likely to be brief, so you must focus on the front.

It’s crucial to convey your company name as well as the core brand message during this time so that, even if you are scrolled past, you have at least left an impression. If they hear your name, it will increase their chances of recalling the brand later. You can use text, voiceovers, logos, and more. Be creative and engaging.

Blend into the platform aesthetic.

In my opinion, the best ads on Facebook and Instagram (I am a regular Instagram user) are those that blend in with the aesthetic of the platform. Ads that I find most appealing are those I am unaware are advertisements until I see the Sponsored message at the bottom.

It is best to use the platform to find out. Go to Instagram’s Explore tab and enter some key terms. These could be the same terms you use in your search or words that reflect the interests or behaviors you target with your campaigns.

What does the grid look like? What appears? What brands are there, and what is their marketing strategy? What are their marketing strategies? Blending in is a great way to have a bigger impact on the audience and to feel more natural.

If I were a camera brand (or someone selling things that are related to cameras), either of the two grids above could help give me an idea of what my ads can/should look like to blend into the platform. If I were a camera company (or someone who sells camera-related products), the grids could give me an idea of how my ads should look to fit in with the platform. Follow the best practices to convey your message.

Users who watch your videos will be retargeted.

It may be my bias, but I believe that advertisers make a big mistake by not targeting people after they watch their Facebook videos. They may find you again via prospecting, or they might remember you and return to your website, but why target people who you thought were valuable once and not again? Why not target them again, especially if they already know you?

You can create audiences on the Facebook Ads platform based on users who have interacted with your videos. You can choose Video from the Facebook Ads audience manager.

You can then choose the way they interacted with these videos. Did they watch it all? Did they watch a certain percentage? Consider where your messages and value propositions appear in these videos. Include this in your audience filter. You can also choose the length of time you wish to engage with someone after they have watched a video. The most common mistake I see is setting the timeframe to the maximum. Do you still think that you are a good prospect for a brand if you have seen a video advertisement 180 days ago? Most likely not. Be sure to keep this in mind when creating these audiences. High-engagement users can probably stick around for longer, while lower-engagement users should be released from your retargeting grip a little sooner.

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