Digital Age Marketing: Staying relevant

The consumer is in control of digital marketing. The power to control what you see, hear, and interact with is right at your fingertips. Consumers can now choose what to interact with by using a simple swipe, scroll, or skip. Traditional marketing strategies have become less effective in capturing the target market. What can a marketer do to continue to drive leads in this digital age?

Here are some tips to help you keep your business on track and stay ahead of the game in terms of marketing.

Deliver a converged media experience.

The consumer expects a seamless and quick experience when they are moving through the various digital marketing touchpoints. Media content includes earned, owned, paid, and expected. Radian6 is a great tool for scanning social media channels to find consumer conversations about your brand. Chatter, a social collaboration tool, is a great way to provide a converged and quick media delivery. Where is the value of all this? Social tools can be used to measure which social media channels work best to reach the audience that’s most relevant to your brand.

Collaborate among different departments.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration and synergism between marketers and specialists in information systems is essential. It is easy to get information now that data access has increased exponentially. However, it’s the added value to the information that makes a difference. The difference is the ability of the consumer to view the data and their choice to interact. Digital marketing is a collaborative sport. Create an environment where communication is valued among department specialists. Innovation is a result of interaction.

Use visual content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PPC is the gold standard for creating organic growth on your website and increasing traffic. Visual content that is appealing to the eye can also be a powerful tool for attracting customers and improving their experience. Use graphics, videos, and photos to create a fun, enjoyable digital experience for your customers. Keep your audience wanting to know more. Your business website will benefit from a lower bounce rate.

The digital marketing platform is constantly evolving. As new trends emerge, standards and promotional tactics are more or less relevant. It is important to dedicate a small amount of your time each day to monitoring and directing your business’s digital marketing efforts. Focus on engagement and creating value. Be proactive and interact with your players, both internally and externally, to make them brand ambassadors.

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