Twitter Announces Super Followings and Communities

In this week’s episode, Greg Finn and Jess Budde discuss the past week’s most critical digital marketing stories.

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Twitter Announces Super Followers & Communities

Twitter recently announced two new features for its platform. Super Follows is a feature that allows users to create exclusive content for subscribers who pay a fee to access it. Community is a tool for users to join groups based on interests.

Super Follows allows paying subscribers to gain access to gated content by their favorite users. It can be bonus tweets or badges indicating they support the creator.

Twitter’s new Community feature is similar to Facebook Groups. Users will be allowed to create groups and join them based on the topics they are interested in. These communities allow users to view more relevant tweets on those specific topics.

The release date of these two features is not set in stone.

Instagram introduces live rooms

Instagram’s newest update allows creators to go live with three other users. This new feature, Live Rooms, offers more opportunities to creators who want to work with multiple users simultaneously.

In Live Rooms, you can monetize your streams by selling badges, allowing shoppers to shop, or raising money.

Live Rooms are an excellent way for hosts to increase their audience since all participants’ followers will be notified as soon as a Room is live. This feature will be available globally.

Google’s Privacy-Focused Methodology for Phasing out Third-Party Cookie

Google announced that it would no longer support third-party cookies. This led to concerns that Google would add tracking features to its products.

A Google employee, David Temkin, assured us in a blog post recently that Google will not add tracking features to their products that track users as they surf the web.

Take of the week

In this week’s Take of the Week segment, Julie F. Bacchini lays down the law regarding the fallacy that paid searches generate demand.


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