TikTok trends & ideas for viral content

Social media, whether you love it or not, is all about what’s “in” and trendy. It’s not surprising that TikTok is growing in popularity.

TikTok Trends are characteristics of TikTok Videos that appeal to a wide audience. TikTok videos go viral because they use a creative format or have an appealing audio clip.

  • This song. TikTok’s point is to use popular clips from songs by Olivia Rodrigo.
  • The plot. The creator of all videos following this TikTok phenomenon is doing something that involves a significant or big decision. The lyrics of Rodrigo’s song “Seeing you tonight is a bad idea, right?” are supposed to reflect Rodrigo’s thought process.

I got married in Italy Trend.

It’s just too funny to leave out. This TikTok example is a clever one. This TikTok trend is based on an audio clip from Kim Kardashian’s Confessional Cam segment in her family’s Hulu series The Kardashians. TikToks like “I got married” are intended to make fun of others who copy you. Kim’s sister was accused of copying Kim’s wedding in the video clip.

Discovering TikTok trends using the TikTok Creative Center and more

The TikTok app has several options that help creators and businesses know what is trending. TikTok also offers a library of video tips, ideas, and inspiration called TikTok’s Creative Center. TikTok’s Creative Center is one of the best resources for discovering TikTok trends.

Top creators to check out.

You can find videos of top TikTok creators in the Trends section by selecting the Creaters tab. This can help you discover TikTok trends by looking at the patterns that top creators follow. It can also reveal potential Influencers to work with.

TikTok Videos Trending Tab

You can find out what videos are trending in the Videos section on TikTok Trends. This is true whether or not it comes from a popular creator. You can find viral videos that you could use to create duets, stitch, or mimic.

Check out popular hashtags.

The Hashtags Tab in the TikTok creative center, under Trends, allows you to keep track of trending TikTok hashtags related to your industry. Use the search bar to look for hashtags that are related to keywords you may be targeting.

Popular Songs

Songs are the final tab in the Trends section. You can find the latest TikTok audio and song clips to include in your videos. The area is divided into two parts.

You can use the popular section to find songs that are frequently played within a selected period and filter them out if they’re not for commercial purposes. The breakout section contains both user-generated audio clips and songs that are increasing in popularity. This can help you stay ahead of the TikTok trend.

TikTok’s Commercial Music Library

You can also use the TikTok Commercial Music Library, which is located in the Creative Tools area. The Commercial Music Library contains all music that has been pre-cleared for TikTok ads and organic content. You can sort and filter your results in a variety of ways to find songs that fit your content.

You can also use the Playlist option to locate a TikTok viral music playlist. Find tons of playlists with new songs, popular songs from video games, memes, business sounds, and much more.

TikTok Trend Perspectives: Read on!

The TikTok creative center also has a Trends section that includes Trend perspectives. Trends Perspectives are designed to inform TikTok advertisers and marketers about TikTok audiences. This resource will help you predict the future of TikTok in your industry.

Research successful TikTok creative strategies

Learn which TikTok trend has been successful by using the Creative Strategies under the Creative Center’s education tab. Here you will find TikTok Marketing Case Studies, Creative Tips, and Quick TikTok Tutorials.

TikTok Ads Library and Top Ads Dashboard

The TikTok ad library is a great tool for companies looking to discover TikTok trends. It allows you to search TikTok advertisements from your competitors. You may be familiar with the library of Facebook ads. The TikTok library works similarly. It’s designed to give users transparency and provide inspiration for businesses.

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